Manny Frishbeg

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Manny Frishberg’s romance with the written word began in 2nd grade and has not faded since. While he had an illustrious grammar school career as a storyteller and writer, he did not publish his first short story professionally until 2010.

Since his first short story appearance, “Frank and Jon,” a modern recasting of the Frankenstein legend in Darker Than Noir, he has published more than two dozen stories, including several coauthored with his friend and sometime collaborator, Edd Vick. In 2010 he added book editing , and he currently does developmental and line editing for small presses and independent authors in the US, Canada and the UK.

He is the editor of two anthologies of science fiction and fantasy stories: “Horseshoes, Hand Grenades and Magic,” tales in which “almost” counts, and “After the Orange,” stories of possible post-Trump worlds, and story editor for two more, “Socially Distant: the quarantales” (co-edited with Frog Jones) and Jeff Sturgeon’s “Last Cities of Earth.”

Manny Frishberg and his partner live in Portland, Oregon.