After the Orange

In this collection, a group of writers imagines the future by the time the alt-right and the current administration are no longer in charge, say 20 years or more into the future. Of course, science fiction writers have always tried to envision the future, but at this time, a lot of us don’t like the picture we have to extrapolate from.

Hard-won protections are being stripped away, putting the planet at risk as the US pulls its head in (while its leader shoots his mouth off) like a big old isolationist tortoise. Cruelty against immigrants (even those who have lived here since babyhood) is condoned, the Statue of Liberty’s invitation is rescinded, and people are returned to their own countries to be murdered even though through heroic effort they finally made it to what used to be a safe place.

The writers in this collection present a variety of stories, be it Brenda Coopers instant classic, Maybe the Monarchs, or John A. Pitts tension filled, The Last Flight of Captain Kittredge, there is a story here that will lay out the future with sometimes hope, sometimes despair, but always with the thought and excellent writing expected of professionals.

Socially Distant: The Quarantales

In 2020, the COVID-19 novel Coronavirus came and our lives changed.

We all quarantined. We shut down our economy. And we made sure to keep a distance of at least six feet in an effort to keep the virus from killing as many people as we could save.

In the midst of this, the speculative fiction authors within this volume began to think about what life looks like if the quarantine doesn’t leave. What happens if the illness keeps us all on restriction. Who will end up breaking that restriction? What will be their consequence? How will we exist, as a society, if we must keep our social distance?

These pages explore that concept. The humor, the pain, the triumph, and the everyday humanity of a life in quarantine. A collection of twenty-one stories from across the globe, from India to Britain to Canada to the United States, and all of them about what life looks like in the near future if we remain…socially distant.

Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, and Magic

They say “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.” It turns out “close” counts in lots of things, especially when luck and magic get added into the mix. Anything can happen.

Here are eleven stories exploring that interesting place where close might be close enough, as well as when it isn’t, ranging from high fantasy to the far distant corners of the galaxy. This is the second CampCon Anthology. Many of these same authors can be found in the first anthology: Tales From An Alien Campfire.